Meet the managers at Bend Sentry Storage

Gary and June Gowens Bend Sentry Storage Managers

Gary Gowens:

Gary is just what one wants in a rental storage manager. He’s handy as heck while being gregarious and always eager to help. Gary has worked in equipment rentals and repair, so he knows his way around machinery; plus he’s worked some construction work and as an owner of a landscape maintenance and irrigation business he is never afraid to get his hands dirty. Formerly an assistant manager at an apartment complex Gary appreciates that people have needs and wants and wherever possible they should be satisfied promptly and with a smile.

Both Gary’s patriotic side and customer service orientation were put to good use when he and his wife of 39 years, June, moved to Oregon and established a flag and banner shop. Among other duties Gary installed and repaired flag poles. “It was a lot of fun, says Gary. “Flag work feels like important work. I enjoy working with wood and eventually made memorial cases for USA Flags.” Now settled in at Bend Sentry Gary and June take joy in family and friends, including seven grand children, finding time for camping and fishing as well. And after years of hankering to learn the guitar Gary is finally indulging in that pleasure and loving it. If he’s not too busy, you might ask him to strum you a tune. He would never admit to it, but he’s a natural-born entertainer.

June Gowens

June grew up the daughter of an entrepreneurial father, seeing business from the inside, the perfect compliment to her husband, Gary. After graduating high school June became a back office medical assistant. When she and Gary married they went into the landscape business with June as office manager.

When their three children were of school age, June went back to college and earned her teaching credential to be closer to her children while they were at school. With the children grown and out of the house Gary and June quit the landscape business and teaching and moved to Oregon where they went into the Flag and Banner business. For twenty years June created custom flags for businesses, as well as doing all the office work: ordering and receivables; as well as working with the customers while Gary did the heavy lifting with flag pole installation and maintenance.

The words "Ready to Serve" does well to describe June's willingness and eagerness to help others-be they family, friends, or new customers. A loving wife, mother, and grandmother, as you might expect, June is well-loved by her family and her community in return.

Says June, “We find our work here at Bend Sentry a perfect match for our fondness for meeting new people and serving customers. Great customer service and satisfaction has always been our goal. It’s how Gary and I have come this far together. We’re just going to keep on doing what we do best.”

When you come down to Bend Sentry, you will agree, Gary and June are good people-who will be happy to take care of you and your needs-with warmth and a smile.